Turkish Land Forces Inventory Fortified with Cobra-II

Performing tasks for the interior security forces, Cobra-II entered into the inventory of the Land Forces Command for the first time. Otokar started the deliveries of Cobra-II orders received at the end of the last year in line with the Land Forces Command’s requirements for reconnaissance and surveillance vehicles

Date: Issue 73 - April 2017

The Cobra-II Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle, developed for use by the Land Forces Command for Border Security, comprises the integration of the superior technical and tactical features of Cobra-II vehicle as a platform with high-performance electronic subsystems designed for reconnaissance and surveillance. The on-board Land Surveillance Radar and the long-range Electro-Optic Sensor System provide cross-border and long-range reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities thanks to effective software functioning in a wide variety of territorial and climate conditions.

Otokar announced in the Bulletin published in 2017 that it started to deliver Cobra-II vehicles, the contract of which was signed with the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries in June 2016, for use in interior security operations of the Turkish Security General Directorate. With its superior operation capability as well as high  level of protection provided to the personnel and firepower prowess, the number of Cobra-II vehicles will increase in the interior security operations.  

The order of 82 vehicles, the deliveries of which were initiated in December 2016, is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2017. As part of the €106.1 million order, the Cobra - II 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles will be offered with maintenance and support services.

According to a report from Otokar, it was announced that Otokar received new orders due to the successful performance of the Ural Armored Vehicle, which was previously sold to a Gulf country. The delivery of such vehicles is expected to be completed within 2017.