Turkish Land Platforms

Main Battle Tank 

Issue 49 - January 2014

TNMBT Altay Project

SSM signed Altay Project Phase I contract with Otokar, which covers the design, development, production, test and qualification of the Turkish National Main Battle Tank (TNMBT) Prototypes in 2008. The prime contractor Otokar’s subcontractors in this Project are MKE, Aselsan, Roketsan, MTU/RENK and Rotem (South Korea). Within the scope of the Project, MKE designs and produces 120 mm 55L Main Gun System; Roketsan shall design, develop and produce Modular Armour Package; Aselsan designs and produces Fire Control System and Command Control Communication Information System; MTU/RENK, shall develop and produce 1500hp Euro-Power-Pack. Besides, Rotem – South Korean Company – provides technical consultancy to MKE and Roketsan in this Project. According to Project Implementation Schedule, Phase I of the Project lasts for 78 months and consists of the following 3 stages:  Stage I: Conceptual Design; Stage II: Detailed Design; Stage III: Prototype Development, Qualification and Acceptance. Following the completion of “Conceptual Design Phase” in 2010, the mock-up of Altay tank was introduced to public in IDEF 2011.