Turkish Naval Forces Commissions 10,000 Tons Floating Dock

The 10,000-ton floating dock, which has the largest docking capacity on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey, has entered service with a ceremony attended by the Minister of National Defense Hulusi AKAR.

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

Commissioning Ceremony of the Floating Dock "Dock-14" with a lifting capacity of 10.000 tons, which was constructed by HAT-SAN Shipyard in cooperation with General Directorate of Shipyards (TGM) under the main contractor Military Factory and Shipyard Management Inc. (ASFAT), was held at the İzmir Naval Shipyard Command with the participation of Minister AKAR, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar GÜLER, Turkish Armed Forces Commanders, and Deputy Minister Muhsin DERE.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister of National Defense Hulusi AKAR stated that considering the recent developments, the importance of the domestic and national defense industry has become even more evident. Emphasizing that the Turkish defense industry's shipbuilding capacity has improved further with the commissioning of the 10,000 tons floating dock with the largest docking capacity on the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts of Turkey, Minister AKAR expressed that the "Dock-14" will make significant contributions to the operational capabilities of the Turkish Naval Forces. Stating that all these achievements have been accomplished through the dedication, sincerity, dialogue, and coordination of the public, private sector, and universities, Minister AKAR said, "The floating dock is a beautiful and successful example of public-private partnership." 

Emphasizing his confidence in Turkey's human resources, potential, and defense industry companies, Minister AKAR said, "Our businessmen, industrialists, engineers, and workers, who worked day and night, have a significant share in the successful operations carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces on land, sea, air, inside and beyond Turkey's border as in various geographies of the world." Congratulating those who contributed to the successful execution of these projects that strengthen the effective, deterrent, and honorable Turkish Armed Forces, Minister AKAR expressed his gratitude to ASFAT and HAT-SAN shipyard employees.

HAT-SAN 10,000 Tons Floating Dock

The contract of 10,000 tons of Floating Dock Project, which was initiated to meet the requirements of the General Directorate of Shipyards, was signed on August 2, 2018. The Keel Laying Ceremony of the floating dock, which was constructed by HAT-SAN Shipbuilding Maintenance Repair Inc, was carried out on February 6, 2019. 

The floating dock, which will serve the naval platforms that the Turkish Naval Forces will operate in the future, has a lifting capacity of 10,000 tons. The overall length of the floating dock is 175,60 meters, and the inner width is 35,54 meters. The floating dock can dive or floats within 1 hour. The dock has two electro-hydraulic-type mobile cranes. Cranes can carry 10 tons of load 10 mt/min.