Turkish Technic and SSM to Collabrate for the Maintenance of Command Control Aircrafts

The Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and Turkish Technic have signed an agreement to provide Logistic Support Service for the Command Control Aircrafts in the inventory of Air Forces Command for 5 years.

Date: Issue 72 - March 2017

According to the agreement signed between the Turkish Technic and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, within the scope of the logistic support services to enable the main components of the six Command Control Aircrafts fully functional and operational, the maintenance, repair and overhaul, material supply, renewal and improvement activities will be provided by Turkish Technic. As part of the agreement, the depot level corrective maintenance actions (unplanned), maintenance and repair services of the components of the aircrafts and all systems over the aircrafts that remain aside the facilities and capabilities of the Air Forces Command will also be provided by the Turkish Technic.

Turkish Technic conducting the base maintenance of the Peace Eagle - the Airborne Warning and Control Aircraft remaining at the inventory of the Turkish Air Forces in 2015 seized the opportunity of offering its experiences in the maintenance and equipment logistic support of the Cessna and Gulfstream aircrafts to the Turkish defense industry in line with the requirements of the Turkish Air Forces upon this agreement. 

“We are experiencing the pride of launching a logistic support project of a defense system in a platform level by our Undersecretariat” said the Undersecretary for the Defense Industry Prof. İsmail Demir.

“The continuous availability of our Command Control Aircrafts that bear critical significance in the execution of the conscription, administration and command tasks of our Minister of National Defense, our Chief of Defense Staff and Commanders of Forces, and that are currently at the inventory of our Air Forces Command is of great importance. Through both the establishment of an effective and rapid supply chain and the provision of the uninterrupted logistic support for the military aircrafts with the Command Control Aircrafts Logistic Support Project by Turkish Technic which is an extremely experienced and competent domestic company, our aircrafts will be available continuously and many additional acquirements will be achieved. These acquirements will be developed and further matured through similar projects as well and with the effective participation of our domestic industry, great advantages will be provided for the defense and economy of our country,” added Prof. Demir.

The General Manager of Turkish Technic Mr. Ahmet Karaman added, “It is the most importance advantage for us to know that we will be able to make use of this experience and know-how we have for fulfilling the defense requirements of our country and defense industry through this agreement. Our target is to elevate our powerful position in our region by providing innovative and continuously developing solutions to the demands of our defense industry and our Turkish Armed Forces.”