TUSAŞ President & CEO Prof. Temel KOTİL: “MMU, HÜRJET and ATAK-2 Programs Are Our priority”

Date: Issue 110 - October 2021

Meeting with the members of the press on August 18 within the scope of the 15th International Defense Industry Fair IDEF '21, Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) President & CEO Prof. Temel KOTİL gave information about the ongoing activities of TUSAŞ and leading projects such as MMU, ATAK, GÖKBEY and HÜRJET.

Underlining that as TUSAŞ, they focus entirely on National Combat Aircraft (abbreviated as MMU in Turkish), HÜRJET and ATAK-2, Temel KOTİL stated that the activities under these projects continue at full steam. KOTİL expressed that the hangar roll-out of MMU will take place March 18, 2023 and that HÜRJET and ATAK-2 will take to the skies on the same date. “