In the key position of Turkey’s aerospace industry, the Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSA?), successfully manufactured the Air Inlet Duct – Composite Air Inlet Channels, located in the R

Issue 23 - November 2010

Following the completion of testing and certification of the first composite Air Inlet Duct manufactured at its facilities and commencing with multiple production, TUSA?, aside from manufacturing the mid-section, will manufacture the Composite Air Inlet Ducts – Composite Air Inlet Channels in the hundreds to support the mid-sections to be manufactured in the U.S, which TUSA? won as a result of a world-wide competition to manufacture this component. TUSA?, in order to meet additional requests, continues with its activities to increase its capacity in this area.

During the same day that the foundation laying ceremony took place for the JSF/F-35 Mid-Section Manufacturing and Covering Facilities, Mr. Muharrem Dörtka?l?, TAI President and CEO, stated that: “With the manufacture of the Air Inlet Duct – Composite Air Inlet Channels, an important phase of the JSF/F-35 program has been realized.” Mr Dörtka?l? emphasized that, “TUSA? has taken on important tasks in the JSF/F-35 program and starting with the “mid-section” many structural components of the aircraft, known as the most advanced jet fighter, are being manufactured at TUSA? facilities - as one of two sources that has the cutting-edge technology in the world, - with investments that started in 2007 and commencement of the program’s manufacturing activities in 2008.” Mr. Dörtka?l? added that, “Aside from the Advanced Composite Manufacturing Facilities that commenced activities in 2008 and 2010, the JSF/F35 Mid-Section Manufacturing and Covering Facilities which is continuing with its construction, and is equivalent to its peers in the world, by starting its activities in 2011 will provide an impetus to the program calendar and in a few years manufacturing will be at a maximum capacity.”

From fixed and rotating wing air platforms to satellite systems and unmanned aerial vehicles and in the design, development, modernization, manufacturing, integration and in the lifecycle support process of integrated aerospace systems, the Turkish Aerospace Inc. (TUSA?) is the technology center of Turkey and, in the aerospace and defence industries, it is among the top 100 global players. Including 1,400 engineers, a total of 3,500 qualified and experienced personnel are employed at TUSA?.