Two New ALTAY Tanks Delivered to Turkish Armed Forces for Test Campaign

Date: Issue 122 - May 2023 Update: April 14, 2024

Two New Altay Tanks, produced by BMC Defense under the project of the Defense Industry Agency, were delivered to the Land Forces Command for extensive tests at a ceremony held in Arifiye, Sakarya with the participation of President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN. Hulusi AKAR, Minister of National Defense; General Yaşar GÜLER, Chief of General Staff; General Musa AVSEVER, Commander of the Land Forces; İsmail DEMİR, President of Defense Industry Agency; Fuat TOSYALI, BMC Chairman of the Board; and many other guests attended the delivery ceremony.

In his speech at the opening of the ceremony, Fuat TOSYALI, BMC Chairman of the Board, stated that the ALTAY National Main Battle Tank Project is a significant step towards positioning Türkiye as a prominent player in the defense industry. “We approached the development of the New Altay Tank as a matter of national importance for the future and security of Türkiye, rather than a commercial venture. As BMC, it is a great honor for us to be a part of such a significant national project and share this pride with our nation and the state. Throughout the entire process, we worked closely with all institutions and the Turkish Armed Forces to ensure the success of the project.”