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Issue 20 - January 2010

Within the coverage of the ERCIYES Program involving the design, production, testing and certification activities carried out for the avionic modernization of the C-130 transport airplanes under the inventory of the Air Force Command, TUSA?, by complying with Part 21 of the standards and regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has received the C-130 Production Organization Competency Certificate of Approval (ÜrOYO).

The first ÜrOYO meeting took place on 15 June 2007 between TUSAS and the Certification Board consisting of officials from the SSM and the Air Forces Command with the ERCIYES Project Production Organization Conformity Handbook (POCM-2007) prepared by TUTAS being approved and certified by the SSM.

As a result of the inspections and evaluations undertaken by the Certification Board, the certificate of competency of the TUSAS Production Organization, as the main contractor for the ERCIYES Program, was approved and the Certification Board’s first ÜrOYO Certificate was presented to TUSAS in a ceremony to mark the occasion on 18 November 2009.

TUSA?, as with all activities conducted since its founding up to the present time, in order to provide the “Sovereign System” to the Turkish Armed Forces as the indispensable part of the National Force of Our Country, continues with its original design, development and production activities at an ever increasing pace.

With the said certificate TUSAS has now the authority to completely build the C-130 B/E as well as its electric, electronic and structural components.