Underwater Security of Strategic Coastal Facilities is Provided by Echorium Diver Detection Sonar!

Issue 100

June 18, 2020. The Echorium Diver Detection Sonar, developed indigenously by Koç Bilgi ve Savunma Teknolojileri, was introduced for use by strategically important civil and military facilities.

The Echorium Diver Detection Sonar enables the automatic detection of possible underwater threats remotely without the need for an operator.  With 24/7 operation capability, it consists of a Central Imaging and Control Station and a High-Power Underwater Sound Signaling System.

The High-Power Underwater Sound Signaling System principally makes a sound signaling that an intruder, such as a diver is approaching the prohibited zone. If the diver does not leave the prohibited zone, it forces the diver to come to the surface by disturbing him with high-power sound signals at an audible frequency.

One of the main features of the system is its easy use by security teams without requiring computer skills through its map-based user screens. Thanks to this feature, short user/operator training enables the efficient use of the system. In addition, sonar screens can be selectively displayed when the system is used by the domain expert.

The system’s field integration and acceptance activities were completed and has started to be used on a 24-hour basis. Furthermore, the performance of the system has started to be demonstrated with live demos to other companies in the sector.

Main features of the system are given below: 

High Threat Detection Range and Long Reaction Time

Automated Threat Detection, Tracking and Classification Capability 

Low False Alarm Rate

User Friendly, Graphical Software Interface not requiring Sonar Expertise 

Operator Friendly with Automatic Alarm Capability

Real-Time Mobile Tracking Capability for Field Support for Security Teams

Remote Tracking Capability

Fast Production and Installation (less than 12 months)

Remote Maintenance / Repair / Technical Support

Onsite Maintenance / Repair / Technical Support

Low Error Recovery Time

24/7 Working Ability

Over 70% local content rate

Ship Protection with Portable Version

Diver Countermeasure Capability with High Power Sound Source