Vega activities in Turkey

VEGA has been actively building relationships with the Turkish aerospace and defence organizations and industry since 2006. Since then, the company has maintained a dialogue to discuss cooperation areas and consider how to contribute to the succes

Issue 20 - January 2010

In close cooperation with the METU, VEGA gave a four-day satellite operation training to attendees from Turkish aerospace industry and organizations. The training was delivered by a VEGA expert who also trains operators at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), from where ESA satellites and probes are monitored and controlled.

Following some consultancy and training contracts in 2008, VEGA signed the first development support contract in Turkey, successfully delivering it in 2009.

Objectives in Turkey

“VEGA considers Turkey as an emerging Space nation with a clear and challenging strategy for its Space programme”, said Dr. Osman Kalden, a project manager in simulation, navigation and training systems involved in VEGA’s business development activities, who is very familiar with Turkey and the Turkish market.

“VEGA has gained extensive experience in satellite operations from over 50 different Space missions, and is well placed to deal with the challenges of new Space programmes,” he added.

VEGA can provide support, together with the services and technologies, to minimize overall programmes costs and risks. With this background, VEGA could contribute to the success of the Turkish Space programme by transferring know-how and technology through hands-on effective training programmes, partnering Turkish organizations in co-operation areas such as research and development, as well as working in partnership on the deployment of specific ground segment systems.