WASS - World Leader in Torpedo systems & Countermeasures

Date: Issue 14 - January 2009

idea of the torpedo in 1864 in Fiume reaching, in the 1866, the first running Torpedo in the history of Naval armament.
The manufacture of the new underwater weapon started 1873; from then over two dozen of the world?s Navies accepted the ever improving model of Whitehead torpedoes.
WHITEHEAD ALENIA Sistemi Subacquei (WASS), a Finmeccanica company, was established in 1995 by the merging of the underwater activities of Whitehead S.p.A., Elsag Sistemi Navali and USEA.
Inside the FINMECCANICA company WASS represent the reference company for all underwater activities
Over the years, WASS has acquired considerable experience in underwater developments and system integration. WASS products are installed on board the newest units of the Italian Navy as well as on naval units of Foreign Navies.
WASS is now working successfully with European, South American and Asian shipyards and aircraft manufacturers from six NATO nations, demonstrating the company?s broad base of expertise in co-operative international programs.
Furthermore, WASS is to-day present in the market also through several international co-operations with different fields of application and typology.

WASS is the only company in the world with the complete capability to design and supply the following underwater systems:
? Heavyweight Torpedo Systems
? Black Shark
? A184 mod.3
? Torpedo Board Interface for the integration of WASS torpedoes with different combat systems
? Lightweight Torpedo Systems
? MU90 (Marketing and contractual activities are handled by EUROTORP consortium)
? A 244/S Mod. 3 (commercialized by the EUROTORP consortium)
? Presetter and Launching System for Ship application
? Presetter for integration of LWT on board of helicopters and MPA aircraft
? Torpedo Countermeasures Systems for submarines and surface ships
? C303/S Countermeasure System for Submarines
? C310 Countermeasure System for Surface Ships
? CIRCE System for U214 Submarines
? Torpedo artificial targets and Noise Underwater Test Ranges
? BSS ? Underwater Mobile Target
? Three-Dimensional portable test range for Torpedo Tracking
? CTS 106 ? Stationary or Towed Target
? PANOR- Noise Range for Submarines and Surface Vessels
? Active and Passive Hull Mounted Sonar
? SNA 2000 ? MOAS (Mine And Obstacle Avoidance Sonar)
? Underwater Surveillance Systems
? PARIDE (Protection Anti-Terrorism Reliable Integrated Defence Equipment

In addition to the design and production of the above underwater systems a comprehensive ILS is provided to the Customer to assure an easy preventive and corrective maintenance throughout the service life.