“We Plan to Render the Supersonic Target Drone a Product that Flies at Mach 0.9 Later This Year”

During the EFES-2022 Combined, Joint Live-Fire Field Exercise on June 8th, 2022, Defence Turkey Magazine created an opportunity to have an exclusive interview with TUSAŞ Executive Vice President for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Ömer YILDIZ at the TUSAŞ booth.

Date: Issue 115 - August 2022

Defence Turkey: Could you please provide us with information on the current status of the ANKA MALE UAV Program? Could you also inform us about the number of ANKAs produced to date, the number expected to be produced in 2022, the deliveries to be made to two countries in accordance with the export contracts, and the ongoing negotiations?

Ömer YILDIZ: So far, 36 ANKAs have entered the inventory and they have flown more than 120,000 hours. As you know, these are long-endurance aircraft and can operate for up to 30 hours. This mission record was achieved with the aircraft we sold to Tunisia; they flew for 30 hours and 30 minutes. Together with four MAM-Ls, the ANKA MALE UAV can fly for over 19 hours. Our aircraft are used by the Air Force, the Naval Forces, the Gendarmerie Command, and the Presidency. The ANKA UAV is an aerial vehicle developed in line with the needs of the Turkish Air Force and as per their directives. Therefore, it is a particularly effective vehicle in meeting the related needs. Türkiye has been fighting against terrorism for many years. During this struggle some needs have emerged, and we need to address these needs. These vehicles have proven themselves to be highly effective and efficient in the fight against terrorism. Thanks to their features, they are in high demand in Africa, Egypt, and other countries around the world.