White Hackers Compete for the ‘Capture The Flag’

November 1, 2019. Under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and organized by STM, the CTF (Capture The Flag) competition was held for the 5th time this year with broad participation, and STM`s new product “Bugshield” was introduced and is expected to make a difference in cyber security. During the event, a signing ceremony was held between STM and Sakarya University for the “National Testbed Center” project initiated under the auspices of the SSB.

Date: Issue 96 - December 2019

CTF, one of the initiatives of STM to create awareness in the field of cyber security and to raise qualified human resources, again witnessed fierce competition of white-hat hackers in its 5th year.

In the event organized with the participation of Prof. İsmail DEMİR - President of the SSB, the contestants competed to find deliberately created system gaps on issues such as cryptology, reverse engineering, web and mobile applications in the cyber environment specifically prepared for the CTF event. Professionals, students and technology enthusiasts showed great interest in the event and it was presented by Serdar KUZULOĞLU, well-known in the IT sector.

Prof. İsmail DEMİR, President of the SSB: “Turkey's defense industry has been progressing significantly with projects realized in recent years. The domestic and national products we have developed during this fruitful journey are of great importance for the security of our country. The technology era we live in makes the measures we will take even more critical with the emergence of new battle environments. The efforts to ensure the protection of our state, institutions and citizens in the digital environment constitute an important part of national security. The Turkey Cyber Security Cluster that we established has been performing activities with the aim to improve our technological capacity and build our own infrastructure by providing sectoral cooperation. I think CTF contributes to our efforts in this field and that the impact it creates is valuable for our country.”

STM General Manager Murat İKİNCİ underlined that CTF plays an important role in guiding young people and professionals who are aiming to build a career in cyber security. “As STM, we carefully and methodically handle cyber security, which is one of the most important areas we focused on. The integrative and proactive approach we adopt reveals itself in our products and services as well as our initiatives that feed the ecosystem. In this sense, we are pleased to have reached more than 400 teams and nearly 1,500 competitors in our 5th year of CTF, which is an important initiative in the field of cyber security in order to train qualified human resources needed by our country. With Bugshield, our mass-based vulnerability detection platform, that we introduced today, we have added a new solution to STM's integrative solutions in cyber security. As STM, we will continue to make efforts steadfastly to develop innovative technologies for our country.”

The competition that started with the online preselection of 197 teams and 710 contestants from 86 universities around Turkey ended today with an offline final competition with 50 teams. In the offline CTF final with 191 contestants, the winning team was awarded with a cash prize worth TL 25,000, the second team TL 20,000 and the third team TL 15,000.