Winners of METU 17th International Robot Days Announced

Date: Issue 98 - April 2020

February 25, 2020. METU 17th International Robot Days, sponsored by STM, one of the leading companies of the defense industry with its innovative solutions, brought together thousands of young people interested in the world of robotics.

METU 17th International Robot Days, which was sponsored this year by STM, a company that  develops critical technologies under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB), hosted another exciting competition this year. High school and college students from different cities accross Turkey showed their talents during the event that took place at the METU Cultural and Congress Center on February 22-23.  It was an event organized for the promotion and expansion of robotics throughout Turkey.

In the competitions lasted for two days and where 2,500 people attended, the “Bürküt” drone of the Kusbegi team from Ankara University was the champion in the Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Autopilot Category, the drone of the HU-35 team from METU was the second and the drone of the DRONTEAM.İO team named “Frank” from Marmara University came in third.

In the Autonomous UAV - Computerized Vision Category, Konya Technical University RAC-LAB team came first with "RAC-LAB Tuğberk". Ankara University Kusbegi team with "Kolbala", Hacettepe University Robotic Group Autonomous Drone Team with "Buraya Bakarlar", Karabük University KBUİHA team with "KBUİHA Tulpar" and Mehmet ŞANSAL from METU with "Ayasoft" were worthy of honorable mention.

While the top three winners received TL 15,000, TL 10,000, and TL 5,000 awards, each team that was awarded  honorable mention received TL 3,750.

METU International Robot Days organized free workshops and interesting robot shows and hosted nearly 8 thousand visitors during the two days with a program full of science and technology.

STM, the main sponsor of METU 17th International Robot Days aims to publicize robot technology and carries out activities to expand the impact of its efforts with its young and dynamic vision.  STM organizes a wide range of activities from competitions to training, from projects to events in order to raise awareness, creating a spark of inspiration within the scope of its activity fields  to contribute to the development of future of Turkey’s qualified human resources.