Wireless Wattozz Gun Made in Turkey Will Put an End to the Monopoly of the Taser Gun Made in the USA

Wattozz Gun made in Turkey will put an end to the monopoly of USA’s Taser gun

Date: Issue 85 - September 2018

The ‘Wattozz Wireless Energy Weapon”, with production completed, has now become a competitor to the electroshock weapon ‘Taser’ used by more than one million police officers in 117 countries around the world. The first photos of the new wireless weapon, which has superior features compared to the US competitor, were presented to the press today. 

During the 100-day action plan, President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN explained: “Defence industry projects are especially important to me. 48 of the 400 projects in our program belong to our defence industry.”  He said that he shared the first photos of the wireless electroshock weapon ‘Wattozz’ with the public. The production was completed by the ALBAYRAK Defence Company.