Workshop On “How to do Business with NATO?”

Issue 51 - March 2014

The Workshop on “How to Do Business with NATO?” coordinated by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries and METU Teknokent cooperation took place in Ankara on 21 January 2014 with the participation of over 150 representatives from 80 companies. The main objective of the workshop was to determine the things to be done by Turkish defence companies in order to win more NATO tenders. 

With the “How to Do Business with the NATO?” Workshop, the accomplishment of the following is aimed; introducing the NATO supply system and main supply agencies to Turkish defence companies, explaining the required bureaucratic procedures, enabling the flow of first-hand information on NATO’s two main supply organizations NSPA’s (NATO Support Agency) and NCIA’s (NATO Communication and Information Agency) supply activities, methods of doing business with companies and future projects to our companies by the officials of the agency, enabling exchange of views between Turkish defence companies and personnel employed in NATO supply agencies on how these companies could increase their potential for collaboration with these NATO supply agencies and determining the measures and steps to be taken in order to increase Turkish defence companies’ share in business opportunities within the scope of NATO supply activities.