YALTES: Military Vessels Integrated Platform Control and Bridge Systems

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Issue 20 - January 2010

The Industry Day commenced with an opening speech of Yaltes General Manager Kemal Mumcu in which he stated that they had achieved important successes up to the present time and that they aimed at larger projects in the future and in this respect they would be in closer contact with the main integrator firms and shipyards. Yaltes Business Development and Proposals Manager Reha Ba?atl? provided information to the participants on ongoing Yaltes projects, which was founded as a foreign partnered company with Thales Netherland BV.

During the occasion a presentation was given on “Integrated Platform Control and Bridge System Solutions” to taking place on M?LGEM “Integrated Bridge” and “New Type Patrol Boat Machine Control Room Consoles.” In addition to that, a demo of Numerical Bridge and Dynamic Positioning (DP) system which is newly being developed and displaying all functions for navigational purposes was realized as demo on an MOAC console.

The Integrated Bridge Console developed by Yaltes is an ergonomic work station designed for bridge personnel. The Integrated Platform Control system that has selective sections includes a multi-purpose operator work stations/screens, main impulse control panels, a rudder system, a navigation radar screen and other equipment obtained by the receiver. The Integrated Bridge Console is manufactured as a modular base and equipped with special features requested by the user and other equipment on the console and mounted onto the ship by suitable shock dampers. If requested on the console, by placing a crossover between Ship Data Distribution System and Combat Management System and Integrated Platform Control System and thus required information sharing in two-ways can be possible.