YALTES: “We are Ready to Compete Fairly with All Companies with Proven Solutions!”

Though 100% owned by Thales Group, the entire YALTES staff is Turkish. In time, having evolved from a company structure which conducted the production of designed products as per the provided the production documents, YALTES has transformed into a company structure that makes fully indigenous designs, develops indigenous solutions for Combat Management Systems (CMS) and Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) for naval platforms, manufactures, delivers and offers maintenance and repair services for these solutions. In the special interview we recently conducted with YALTES General Manager Bülent HAMZAOĞLU, we discuss the milestones of the aforementioned transformation, R&D activities, the company’s competitive power in domestic and global markets, their ongoing projects and export activities.

Date: Issue 106 - May 2021

Defence Turkey: Can we start this interview with a brief introduction of YALTES founded in 2002 as a Turkish company with a foreign enterprise (Thales Netherlands/TNL)? Why was this company established and what has it achieved over the last 19 years? To what extent has YALTES achieved initial targets set in the beginning?