Yavaşçalar: The World Wide Brand of Balıkesir City, Continue to Grow with its Yavex Brand in Defence Industry

Issue 61 - May 2015

Yavaşçalar Company one of the prominent companies of Balikesir, have left 35 years in business environment where it started civil explosive production. Yavaşçalar that had started to distrubute and merchandise civil explosive building and running explosive material warehouse in Balikesir in 1981, has started to manufacture of civil explosive in Balikesir with 570 acre property at the end of the 1995. Yavaşçalar Company has reached today’s level in the industry of civil explosive production as a 100 % domestic  brand.

Yavaşçalar Company the impulsive force of defence industry with 15 million foreign trade volume , has provided USA, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa with defence products and services…