ZMA-15 Vehicles in the Inventory to be Retrofitted by ZMA Modernization Project

Date: Issue 97 - January 2020

Within the scope of the ZMA Platform Modernization Subcontractor Agreement signed between FNSS and Aselsan on December 31, 2019, ZMA Platforms will be modernized and all renovation and improvement activities to be performed for the platform, as well as prototype manufacturing, qualification activities, integration of all mission equipment including turret and serial production and logistics support activities for the platform will be carried out by FNSS. As part of the project, the 25mm NEFER Weapon System, Laser Warning System, Close Range Surveillance System, Driver’s Vision System, and the Direction Finding and Navigation System will be provided by the Main Contractor Aselsan.

ZMAs, which have been included the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces as well as the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the Philippines since the beginning of 1990s to 2000, will be modernized in accordance with the changing threats and developing technologies. The solution package aiming at enhancing the survivability of the vehicles and equipping them with modern technological subsystems has been prepared with the feedback received from users. With this solution package, while maximizing survivability capabilities, the service life of the vehicles will be extended, and critical subsystems will be renewed within the possibilities to increase prospective growth potential and domestic subsystems will be integrated.

FNSS, which has been implementing the most modern and high performance modernization solutions applied for M113 and ZMA class vehicles worldwide, will be delivering the ZMA Platforms to the Turkish Armed Forces by combining its experience and new generation vehicle development technology competencies, and by integrating Aselsan's modern and high technology firepower and mission equipment.