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Turkish Submarine Fleet Command `Silent and Deep`

Türkiye, due to its geographical location, the unstable nature of the countries in its region, terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria and regional conflicts, finds itself in the midst of a boiling pot beyond its borders. This situation naturally necessitates a strong military and a robust defence industry. In this context, all units of the Turkish Armed Forces, Gendarmerie, and the General Directorate of Security are tasked with ensuring the security of our land, sea, and air borders, as well as our exclusive economic zones 24/7 to ensure the region's stability.

In this regard, we visited the Edirne Arda Border Unit, under the 1st Army Command, with the special permission of the Ministry of National Defence, to witness the reconnaissance and surveillance activities of the border unit and obtain firsthand information about the national systems and technologies used on the border. You can access the details of this special article on this issue.

The cover story of this issue is the Submarine Fleet Command, one of the most significant combat units that constitute the striking force of the Turkish Naval Forces and the most strategic element in terms of its impact with its stealth feature. We visited the Naval Submarine Fleet Command with the special permission of the Ministry of National Defence and conducted an interview with Rear Admiral (LH) Timur YILMAZ, the Commander of the Submarine Fleet. During our visit, we also had the opportunity to closely observe the training activities at the Submarine Training Center Command, where crews trained to operate submarines equipped with modern technology. We toured the PİRİREİS Submarine, which will join the Turkish Submarine Fleet in the coming months, under the supervision of the ship's personnel, and acquired information about the new capabilities it will bring to the Submarine Fleet Command. We are delighted to present you with this special file containing exclusive interviews and information.

Dear readers, in this issue, we would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of National Defence, which granted us special permission to visit the Submarine Fleet Command and the Edirne Arda Border Unit, the Turkish Navy Submarine Fleet Command personnel who supported us during our visits, the Turkish Naval Forces Command and the 1st Army Command Arda Border Company personnel for hosting us during our visit to Edirne Border Unit.

We conducted a pleasant interview with Hakkı Burak SAĞ, the Business Development Director of FNSS, about the company's programs in Türkiye and new term initiatives. We would like to thank Mr. SAĞ again for this special interview. We also extend our thanks to Erhan Ali YILMAZ, Co-Founder of the Mindfulness Academy, Steve ROGERS, VP of Sales and Marketing Marine Engines & Systems GE Aerospace, and Hilal ÜNAL, SEDEC Coordinator, for their interviews and contributions.

In this issue, we reviewed the "S-81 Isaac Peral" submarine delivery ceremony and the subsequent factory tour as guests of Navantia, followed by an in-depth review of the S-80 Plus submarines that joined the Spanish Navy in a special feature. The first guest of our dossier on Aircraft Carriers around the world in this issue is the "CAVOUR" aircraft carrier of the Italian Navy, which our writer Cem Devrim YAYLALI has written about for you.

Our aviation photographer and writer, Cem DOĞUT, actively participated in the Sea Wolf Exercise of the Turkish Naval Forces and the NATO Air Policing missions where the Turkish Air Forces served in Romania and captured these activities on-site for you. We hope you enjoy this issue, which is filled with the latest news from global and Turkish defence companies and packed with technical articles.

Enjoy your reading…

Ayşe Akalın
Publisher & Editor in Chief