2.75’’ Laser Guided “Cirit” Missile Goes Thermobaric

Issue 78 - November 2017

“Cirit”, the 2.75’’ Laser Guided Missile with the longest range in its class, continues to expand its capabilities by adding a Thermobaric Warhead to its warhead options. Accordingly, the number of alternative warheads offered by the company has increased to three. Previously there were just two options including the multi-purpose warhead with anti-armor, anti-personnel and incendiary functions and the high explosive warhead, 

The Cirit’s integration capability with various platforms is also noteworthy. Work continues on the integration of the “Cirit”, which is already being used on the T129 “Atak” and AH-1 “Cobra” Attack Helicopters and for the “Tiger” Helicopter. The latest memorandum of understanding signed between Roketsan and MBDA Germany during the ILA 2016 was about this integration.

While work on the integration of the “Cirit” to the” Black hawk” helicopters progresses, there is also ongoing work on its integration to light helicopters. The most recent development in this field was the memorandum of understanding, signed during Farnborough 2016 between Roketsan and Airbus Helicopters, on the integration of the “Cirit” to the H135M and H145M helicopters and with Airbus Defense and Space for C295 Gunship Aircraft.

While on one hand, working on the integration of the “Cirit” to various Unmanned Aerial Vehicles continues unremittingly, on the other, Roketsan has shown that the missile can be integrated to land vehicles through the Pedestal Mounted “Cirit” (PMC) System and can be used as an effective weapon. Roketsan also demonstrates to its customers how the “Cirit” is launched from fixed and mobile land systems. The “Cirit” missile system, integrated to a towed land platform, was ordered by a customer abroad, which is now already in use.

“Cirit”, which was previously integrated to the AT-802 border patrol aircraft, will be integrated to the C295 Aircraft in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed with Airbus Defense and Space during Farnborough 2016. Meanwhile, work on the launching of the “Cirit” from fast patrol boats and corvette sized ships is also ongoing. The missile has been already used on some of these platforms during various operations and has also proven itself during combat.

Emphasizing that the “Cirit” All Up Around Missile is a system that can meet a variety of user operational requirements, Mr. Selçuk Yaşar, President & CEO of Roketsan, said “The ‘Cirit’ is taking the concept of the ‘2.75” guided rocket’, which emerged from the idea of having a cost-efficient missile, to a much higher level. The ‘Cirit’, which is the leader in its class with a range of 8 km, has also shown that it is capable of carrying out some of the missions of other missiles in higher classes. It is now possible to meet the guided missile needs of land, air and naval forces with a single missile production line. I can confidently say that there is no other missile on the market that can offer such flexibility with these costs.”