2014 Border Management & Technology Summit Held in Istanbul

The Border Management & Technology Summit organized by Intelligence–Sec with the media sponsorship of Defence Turkey was held in Istanbul on 10–13 June.

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

Lasting 3 days, many participants and speakers from Afghanistan, Kosovo, Albania, Georgia, Macedonia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Belarus, Litvania, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, U.S. and Turkey were present. The Summit saw important contributions on current work and experience on border security policies, restructuring, activities conducted on illegal refugees, clearing of mined fields and future collaboration. The first topic on the agenda was Turkey’s border security and management in the opening speech of Chairman of Identity Counsel International Joseph Atick.

Fetih Etem, Head of the Department of Migration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a presentation on the current number of immigrants and refugees in Turkey, shelter possibilities, the work conducted on placing Syrian refugees in Turkey and measures and solutions to counteract immigrants and refugees in particular on the Southeast Anatolian border in future years.