407 MRH Offers Air Superiority in Theatre

Issue 59 - March 2015

Abu–Dhabi based Northstar Aviation unveiled the Light-Attack Helicopter NSA 407 MRH (Multi-Role Helicopter) - a derivative of Bell 407GX - to the participants at the IDEX 2015. Test flights and development studies of the 407 MRH were accomplished in Florida, USA. 407 MRH was developed based on the Bell 407GX helicopter and it offers its users an advantage to aviate a high-performance, cost-efficient and multi-role light weight attack helicopter. The weapon platforms mounted on the 407 MRH can be configured in 2-3 or 4 stations depending on the demands of the user. These weapon stations with modular structures can be enclosed swiftly within the helicopter if deemed necessary. Owing to this capability, the helicopter is able to land at civil airports when demanded. The helicopter is equipped with four weapon stations namely the Hellfire Missiles, GAU 19 Machine Gun, M134 Mini-Gun and Hydra 70 Rockets, however these weapon stations can be variously configured depending on the demands of the customers.

NSA 407 MRH: Superior Performance, Low-Cost in Operational Field

NSA 407MRH solution includes a Garmin G1000H System with a dual VHF ATC radios, a dual GPS System, a mode S transponder, a Garmin synthetic vision system and a radar altimeter. Both cockpit and cabin are armoured, and the aircraft has a new Mission Management System, an integrated moving map, embedded IMU/GPS and navigation processing software, integrated tactical multiband radios, an integrated Mode IV IFF transponder, a Microwave Downlink System, TACAN, FLIR 260HLD EO/IR Sensor and NVG compatible interior and exterior lighting. The model is capable of light attack CAS (Close Air Support), ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) light assault and passenger transport.

These multi-role and cost-efficient platforms are likely to become the first choice of many countries in the upcoming era and especially the light-weight multi-role helicopters are expected to create a market in the Middle East, Caucasian countries and Europe in addition to the gulf countries. Within this context, the Northstar Aviation recently received an order of thirty 407 MRHs from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Army and lately delivered eleven helicopters. The remaining helicopters are anticipated to be delivered to the UAE Army between 2015-2016. On the other hand, it is said that, for the 70mm laser guided weapon integration the UAE authorities asked for the conduction of studies regarding the integration of Roketsan production “Cirit” missile and a study was launched by the companies. Roketsan has deal with UAE for 70mm laser guided “Cirit” missile in 2013 at an amount of 196 million USD.