50. International Paris Airshow 2013

Issue 45 - August 2013

The latest technologies and high-tech air platforms have been introduced again at the International Paris Airshow which is amongst the greatest airshows in the world. Compared to the number of participants of the Show of year 2011, an increase was observed and a total of 2215 participants from 44 countries showed up at the Airshow. In an area of 52 000 m² of stands and 340 chalets amounting to 37 000 m² of covered surface, a total of 176299 people closely followed the organization. The President, Prime Minister and Ministers of France visited the fair and 1835 VIPs from 102 countries and 285 delegations attended. Prime Minister of Ukraine, President of the Venezuelan Republic, Deputy Prime Minister of Romania and 45 armed forces chiefs of staff from various countries visited the 50th International Paris Airshow. Nearly 150 aircrafts were presented at the flying and static display areas of the fair that lasted for 6 days and an order of 150 billion dollars and 1250 aircraft sales were recorded. Turkey participated in the fair with 4 companies. In addition to TAI and TEI, which attend the Show in an annual basis, Gür Metal and Uygur Makine participated in the fair. Moreover, officials from the Ministry of National Defence and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries visited the Turkish stands and conducted various bilateral talks with foreign delegations. 

Once again, the static display area was unquestionably the most attractive point of the 50th Paris Airshow and companies demonstrated their recent products at these stands. Sikorsky’s S-70i that was planned to be given to Turkey within the framework of Sikorsky’s General Purpose Helicopter project was displayed at Sikorsky’s stand. Roketsan did not have any stands at the fair though company’s “Cirit” 2.75 laser guided missile and UMTAS anti-tank missile were demonstrated on Iomax company’s Border Patrol Aircraft. Dassault Aviation displayed new generation unmanned combat aircraft  nEUROn which made its initial flight on December 1, 2012 in an indoor space at static display area. Russia and Ukraine shone out at the fair with their platforms. Rosobronexport’s Taarruz which is a two-seated version of KA-50 and reconnaissance helicopter Kamov KA-52 Alligator made airshows at the flying display area during the fair and drew the attention of many delegations and participants from various countries at the static display area. Meanwhile, Russian Sukhoi Su-35 multirole fighter and Yakovlev Yak-130 fighter trainer accomplished their first airshows at Paris Airshow 2013 and 14 years after the tragedy of the Sukhoi Su-30 jet’s crash, Russian jets made demonstration flights in Paris skies. Ukrainian company Antonov Design Buraeu’s Antonov AN-70 model and Antonov AN-158 regional jet aircraft was also displayed in Paris. For the first time since 2001, United States of America did not display any military aircrafts or helicopters at static display and not attend the airshows in governmental level due to the cuts in the defence budget of 2013. Yet, displayed her unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used in border security Predator MQ-9 popularly known as Reaper and mini UAVs Aerosende MK 4.7 G and ScanEagle to the participants and visitors at its pavilion. Italian Agustawestland Company’s hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle “Project Zero” (not manufactured yet only for technological display) with electrical tilt rotor has been introduced at the Paris Airshow. Flight tests and development activities of the Project Zero which made its first flight in 2011 are ongoing. Italian Agustawestland displayed AW-149 and AW-159 models military versions at the fair as well. World’s biggest cargo aircraft A-400 M of which the second delivery to Turkey is planned to take place in September was also displayed at the static display area. French Army is preparing to include A-400 M into its inventory. Due to a technical problem A-400 M could not make its demonstration flight at the previous fair; this year it was at the flying display and in contrast with its weight of 37 thousand tons it demonstrated a great maneuverability. Israel was among the prominent participants with its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as usual. Heron 1 UAV was presented at its own stand. 3-D High-frequency (HF) radio direction finder (DF) technology Arrow Shaped Antenna (of 30x50 size and 3 kg weight) that was developed by IAI Elta System has been displayed on Heron for the first time. Israeli Elbit System Hermes 900 MALE type Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was displayed at the Paris Airshow as well. NH-90 and Tigre Helicopters and Mirage 2000 combat aircrafts were presented at the static display of the French Ministry of Defence that hosted many committees.