9th IDEF International Fair: One of The Major Defence Exhibitions in World

Defence Turkey: Mr. Alan, first of all, could you exchange a few words about the importance of IDEF- International Defence Industry Fair for Turkey due to its role

Tarih: Issue 15 - April 2009

During planning and execution stages of IDEF fairs, we have made great efforts for the accomplishment of our objectives. Most importantly all participants, delegations, visitors and guests may have the possibility to directly meet with Turkish and foreign highest level decision makers. On the other hand, the related arrangements that enable exhibiting their latest technologies and monitor other companies’ products are made at the fair area.

The outcomes of the questionnaires made during the fairs have shown that all participants are satisfied with the organization and this also proves that IDEF fairs have reached their objectives. The evaluations of fair conclusion reports have also shown that the number of participants, delegations, visitors and guests is continuously increasing.

Beyond the constant increase in the number of participants, delegations, meetings held at meeting offices, signature ceremonies and workshops/seminars besides the increase in income figures, I also would like to emphasize that the IDEF Fairs have significant indirect contributions to our defence industry and our country’s promotion.

In order to reveal the accomplished level of success, it is necessary to refer to IDEF 2007 figures. 161 local and 333 foreign with a total of number of 494 companies from 48 countries participated in IDEF 2007, held between 22 and 25 May 2007. A total of 264 delegations including 10 Ministers of Defence and 4 Chiefs of Defence from 47 countries and 2 international organizations were hosted. During the fair, 595 meetings were held between the companies and delegations, 13 signature ceremonies and 9 introductory conferences and seminars were realized.

I believe such defence industry fair bringing together the world’s giants is a great opportunity for the companies seeking new projects and business partnerships and wishing to sell their products.

Defence Turkey: IDEF Fairs, which are organized under the management and responsibility of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, have become a worldwide recognized fair and been one of the effective fairs of the world in defence industry. We observe that some improvements and changes have been made in each IDEF Fair as compared to the previous ones. The important change for this year is the venue. It will be held in Istanbul between the dates 27-30 April 2009. Could you give us some information on this issue in general terms?

As all known, the IDEF Fairs were organized in the Etimesgut Türkku?u facilities of Turkish Aviation Association until 2003. Due to the increase in the number of participants and the insufficiency in terms of fair area as a result, it was organized at Ankara Hippodrome in 2005 and 2007. Since the planned races cannot be cancelled for the dates of IDEF 2009 and the allocation of the area can only be possible for the winter season when the races are not arranged, it is impossible to organize IDEF-2009 at this venue.

New fair areas have been searched in Ankara however it is found out that the current possible fair areas in Ankara remain incapable to meet the requirements of IDEF 2009.

>In light of such reasons, it is decided to organize IDEF 2009 International Defence Industry Fair in ?stanbul for the successful continuation of IDEF fairs.

IDEF-2009 Fair will be held in a professional and modern center having all necessary technical infrastructure for organizing international fairs with its 60.000 sqm exhibition area.

Organizing IDEF Fair in ?stanbul, intersection point of Asia and Europe continents, has added up a further excitement to the Fair which we call “Eurasian Gathering”.

As previously performed, 15 separate meeting offices will also be prepared for this fair as well, for the Minister of Defence and Undersecretary for Defence Industry and for decision makers and authorities responsible for procurement from Turkish General Staff, Ministry of National Defence, Armed Forces and Undersecretariat for Defence Industry. Besides, several meeting offices will also be allocated for delegations to meet with company representatives. The said preparations have been completed.

I would like to share my proud and happiness for hosting all participants and guests with a traditional Turkish hospitality.

Defence Turkey: What is the impact of IDEF, which is accepted as the biggest fair of Eurasia, in the Middle East and nearby countries? Taken into consideration the role of our country in multiple defence projects in recent years, what is the role and position of IDEF amongst the developed countries?

As a result of the accomplishments in eight IDEF Fairs since 1993, it has gained the reputation of being the biggest defence fair in Eurasia and strengthened its place amongst the biggest defence fairs in the world.
Our slogan “Eurasian Gathering” has proved its rightfulness through meetings of military and civil representatives of our country with company representatives, delegations and guests coming from all over the world, the establishments of new connections and signatures of new contracts during the fair. The rapid increase in the number of above in each fair period compared to the previous one which I believe is the result of the success of IDEF Fairs in satisfying the expectations of all fair participants.
Taken into account the profile of the participant country, besides the participants from Middle East and nearby countries, we observe that participants from all over the world playing the leading role in defence industry participate in the IDEF Fairs. I sincerely believe that the Turkish Defence Industry’s success takes significant role in such level of participation.
As you mentioned, the Turkish Defence Industry has become an actor in the international projects.
Defence Turkey: How do you evaluate the role of IDEF Fairs in the development of Turkish Defence Industry that has become an actor in the international defence industry markets?

First of all, I would like to mention the direct contributions of IDEF Fairs to the country’s economy.
In the beginning, the IDEF Fair only served to the local and foreign participant countries to get in contact with Turkish procurement authorities however following the last two fairs, it has become one of the biggest fairs where the world’s defence industry market companies participate in.
I would like to point out proudly that the Turkish Defence Industry companies, grown rapidly within the last 35 years and reached to the levels to compete with the world’s giants, have gained acceleration to promote their names and products all around the world and establish connections by IDEF Fairs.
All local and foreign participants participating in IDEF Fairs have conveyed their satisfaction for directly accessing to the Turkish and foreign decision makers and procurement authorities through IDEF organization. It shows that IDEF does not only provide a direct contribution to Turkish defence industry, but also to all defence industry sectors.
It should not be ignored that IDEF Fairs have significantly enhanced all sub-sectors of the city where they are organized.

Defence Turkey: What are your objectives towards efficiency increase of IDEF Fairs in the coming years?

As I mentioned before, our efforts to bring this level further will be continuing. Owing to its organization in Istanbul, the naval elements can also be exhibited in the fair. Within this context, a Perry-Class Frigate having Integrated Combat Management System (Genesis) is planned to take part in the fair.
In order to achieve our objective to bring IDEF Fairs into the first three fairs of the world in the coming years, we will be making studies to better evaluate the current potential in our country. I would like to mention that we are ready to evaluate the offers and recommendations of all institutions and organizations.

Defence Turkey: As you know, DEFENCE TURKEY aims at promoting the Turkish defence industry and being a bilateral information platform for all parties through the distribution of our magazine in several countries. So, what would you like to say to DEFENCE TURKEY readers as a conclusion message in this IDEF special edition?

When we look at the developments from the commencement of Turkish Defence Industry investments until today, in comparison with other industries, it is possible to say the speed of development is higher and the co-operations established are more efficient and effective. The institutions, organizations and companies involved in the defence industry should not disregard cooperation opportunities while competing with each other and continue to look for cooperation prospects.

Our Foundation is still studying to reach further level of success than in previous years, to attract more participant countries and companies and to ensure the companies, delegations and guests to access their target groups effectively and efficiently in IDEF-2009.
I would like to thank you for your supports and contributions for the excellent promotion and realization of IDEF-2009 9th International Defence Industry Fair and wish the Fair will be beneficial both for our country and participant companies.