A Contract Valued at $78 Million between Alp Aviation and Honeywell

Alp Aviation signed a new long t

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

Mr. Tom Hart, Vice President of Honeywell Defense & Space made special statements to the Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry magazines including Defense Turkey magazine and to Anadolu Agency reporters on the international media day held in May at Honeywell Aerospace’s offices in Phoenix and announced that they signed a 10 year long contract with Alp Aviation for the production of “Piston & Brake Assembly” of the brake systems of commercial jets such as the Boeing 737 and the A380 in addition to military jets such as the F-35. Hart also mentioned that the global demand for this component particularly in military and commercial areas and added that they selected Alp Aviation for its production.

Established in 1998, Alp Aviation has been conducting the production of precision, critical structural and engine components and systems, dynamic helicopter components, drive shafts, critical parts of flight control and other flight safety parts and landing gears for the aviation and space industry at the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Site. With its product structure containing a high level of added value, know-how and technology, Alp Aviation has been conducting export activities to the developed markets such as to the USA, France and Canada.