A Desirable Deal - Teknopark Istanbul Cultivates Fertile Ground for Entrepreneurs

An Exclusive interview with Mr. Bilal Macit, CEO of Teknopark Istanbul, he reflects on years of collaborative part

Issue 71 - November 2016

Defence Turkey: Could you please inform us on the partnership and the management structure of Teknopark Istanbul?

As you may know, Teknopark Istanbul was established with the cooperation of governmental and private sectors under the main partnership of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (İTO). Istanbul University of Commerce (Istanbul Commerce University), Havaalanı İşletme ve Havacılık Endüsrileri A.Ş. (Airport Management & Aeronautical Industries) (HEAŞ) and STM Defense Technologies & Engineering  participated in the Teknopark Istanbul Founding Delegation which is a significant part of İTEP (Advanced Technology Industrial Park and Airport Project).