A new era on French and Turkey Defence Industry

An Interview with General Pierre Lusseyran-Director for Europe-South America at DGA

Issue 45

Defence Turkey : First of all could you please inform us about French Defence policy, new procurement programs?

First of all I would like you to thank you for inviting me in order to be able to have a discussion with you. In France defence is a main priority and it has been decades for now more than 50 years in fact since General de Gaulle. That means that in France we want to have an independent and strong defence.  We need very strong and complete defence industry. Now maybe you know that right now  we do have a new White Book in France which has just been developed and it is very important because decision has been made at the highest level  by our President that the effort on defence will be maintain in the future. It was not obvious because you know that France, like other countries in Europe,   has some very important budgetary constraint. In order to be able answer to your question, it is not very easy because in France, we do have major programs in all the possible areas starting with everything connection with nuclear literacy, aircraft carrier, fighter aircraft.  I think that in France we have in all the possible aspect; navy, army, air force, space activities. We have a lot of ongoing programs and future programs.