AeroGDT - Talented Engineers Transforming Our Communities

Tarih: Issue 91 - May 2019

AeroGDT was established in September 2018 as the subsidiary design & test company of ER MAKİNA Disli Sanayi A.Ş. With over 40 years of experience, ER MAKİNA is the first and only SME that can manufacture high quality and precision gears & gearboxes for the aerospace and defence industry. Furthermore, it has built strategic partnerships for gear production with some of the most prominent foundation companies that are involved in strategic defence projects.  With a close collaborative partnership with ER MAKİNA Disli Sanayi A.Ş., AeroGDT continues its activities to design and test precision gears & gearboxes for the strategically important aerospace and defence industries.

With experienced academic and engineering staff, AeroGDT offers end-to-end design, consultancy, and testing services according to customer-specific requirements for gears & gearboxes. Additionally, AeroGDT utilizes the manufacturing capabilities of ER MAKİNA company to provide turnkey solutions for our customers including precision gear & gearbox design and testing solutions for land, air and sea vehicles.

Both in the national and international sector, lighter gearboxes with higher torque capacity has become the preferred solutions for aerospace, defence, and robotic applications. Companies in the international arena now focus on maximizing the power density of gearboxes with new and different design techniques. New design methodologies and new materials help to reduce both gear stress and gearbox weight. Some of the new design techniques AeroGDT has accomplished with expert staff include both individual and combined asymmetrical gear tooth flank and asymmetric gear tooth root designs. This design reduces the gear stresses by 5% to 15% and consequently maximizes the power density of the gear unit.  AeroGDT’s skilled engineering staff has successfully developed a new patented high contact-ratio (HCR) gear design to be used in aircraft engine gearboxes.

With experienced engineering and product development teams, AeroGDT is ready to help their clients achieve their goals.