Aeromaritime Offers Military Communication Systems to TAF

AEROMARITIME specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of military communications syst

Issue 12 - October 2008

AEROMARITIME has participated in Naval Forces’ important shipbuilding projects since its establishment. The cooperation started with Ay Class Submarine project and become more powerful with Do?an/Rüzgar/Y?ld?z Class Assault Boat, K?l?ç I and II Class Assault Boat projects. AeroMaritime provided radio communication systems and submarine antennas for Ay Class (Type 209/1200) and Preveze and Gür Class (Type 209-1400) submarines, built in Gölcük Naval Shipyard Command. Currently, Naval Forces uses AeroMaritime production, 39 integrated communication system and 37 IFF system in different platforms.

Do?an and Rüzgar Class Assault Boats
Radio communication system, DF and IFF system
Yavuz, Barbaros ve SalihReis Class Frigates: IFF system
Y?ld?z Class Assault Boats: Radio communication system and ASYM-300 Digital Communication Network
K?l?ç I/II Class Assault Boats: Radio communication system, IFF system and ASYM-300 (A) Digital Communication Network
Ayd?n Class Mine Hunting Vessels: Radio communication system, IFF system and ASYM-300 (A) Digital Communication Network
Ay/Preveze/Gür Class Submarines: Radio communication system, IFF system and antenna
The advantages of using AeroMaritime production systems are:
High technology usage.
Establishing system integration capability logistically in Naval Forces at present.
Philosophy of equipment user in use at present.
Fast technical support and decision mechanisms.
The usage of system documentation technique which is well known by the users.

AeroMaritime, which reinforce its know-how in communication systems and system integration field by its long cooperation experience with Naval Forces, continues its studies to satisfy Naval Forces’ future needs in different platform building projects like MilGem, TF-2000 and New Type Submarine, with high technology products and innovative system solutions. AeroMaritime started negotiations with leading companies of Turkish Defense Industry like Aselsan, to determine cooperation opportunities. The company plans to expand its cooperation activities which it has built with its past projects especially for ?stanbul and Gölcük Naval Shipyard Commands, to Turkish Defense Industry. AeroMaritime also reinforced its structure recently to follow up ongoing marine projects, to provide appropriate solutions at first hand to the projects and to take part in the determination process of possible cooperation opportunities in Turkish Defense Industry.

High Technology Solutions AeroMaritime provides are:

Communication systems APCOS 4000

AEROMARITIMEs integrated communications systems are based on Off-the-Shelf equipment provided by various suppliers and AEROMARITIME manufactured subsystems.

AEROMARITIMEs new Advanced Platform COmmunications System APCOS-4000 is designed to comply with todays and future requirements for tactical and stratigically designed digital communications networks.

APCOS-4000 is a hybrid routing and switching communications platform which is suitable for virtually all military communications requirements.

APCOS-4000 supports all communications network requirements, such as: tactical voice communications
internal voice communications, external communications with existing and future radio systems (such as JTRS)
voice, data, control signal routing and switching, IP routing, voice over IP, Computer to computer communications, Administrative communications services, Strict separation of classified and unclassified information to ensure IT-Security


Communication systems operator COSYMA

A major element of an integrated communications system is the Man Machine Interface (MMI) for systems operators. COSYMA is the control center for APCOS-4000. It consists of a comprehensive and versatile application software which contains the following components: Communications Network Control (CNC), Radio & Device Control (RDC), Secure Automatic Military Message Handling System (SAMMS)

The COSYMA subsystem includes a server and a number of workstations which provide overall system and network management, including full control of all major radio equipment, modems and ancillary equipment, as well as message handling. The Communications Network Control (CNC) component of COSYMA provides functions for the control of the APCOS-4000 system.

Secure Military Messaging System -SAMMS

Secure Military Messaging System for convenient, menu guided, ACP 127 message handling including automatic routing and distribution of messages.

SAMMS is available as a stand alone terminal or as a LAN-network of workstations and can be integrated into the Communications System Managing System COSYMA.

SAMMS features handling of virtually unlimited external communications lines, crypto control as well as ADat-P3 or OTH-Gold support.

As an option, SAMMS provides a seamless integration of STANAG 5066 e-mail over HF connectivity.


The multi functional antennas are designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions and limited space availability found in submarines. This is achieved by utilizing a unique stack array enclosed within a protecting fibre glass dome.

The antennas are designed for omni-directional transmission and reception of signals for communications, navigation and electronic support measurement applications. Due to its universal mechanical and electrical characteristics the antennas also satisfies the requirements of surface vessels and coastal installations.

IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) SYSTEM

The IFF Interrogator / Transponder System provides the means of positively identifiying other platforms which are equipped with a MK 12 / Mode S compatible transponder, and provides own identity automatically to other suitably equipped platforms within operational range of the system.

The system conforms to the relevant requirements of ICAO Annex 10, Vol IV and STANAG 4193, Part 1, Edition 2. Thus it is compatible with all other IFF and SSR systems meeting those requirements. The major equipment items are in service with all NATO navies and have been qualified to meet warship environment, while all other component units are designed to meet these requirements.

Nearly all functions of the IFF System are controlled by the associated combat control system. The only functions controlled from an IFF System Control Box are the provision of main power to the system, the tell-back that the system is powered up, and certain functions concerned with the GFE cryptographic computers.

The system is made ready for a secure mode of operation. All that is necessary is the insertion of the appropriate CFE cryptographic computers into the secure housing supplied. All cabling and necessary controls form part of the offered system. The system is also supplied with Mode S facilities, the transponder to Level 2 (which can be upgraded to Level 4).

However, to make full use of these facilities will require Data Handling capabilities external to the offered IFF/SSR System in order to initiate / receive the necessary digital communications messages.

COMMS/ESM Component

Purpose of the COMMS/ESM Component is search and radio monitoring using wideband technology in the frequency range from 100 kHz to 3.000 MHz. The component is connected directly or via an antenna switch to the AEROMARITIME antennae.

COMMS/ESM Component offers a number of surveillance & monitoring possibilities within an integrated environment and with a compact design.