AGILENT’s Fieldfox Handheld Analyzers Provide Precise Microwave Measurements

Tarih: Issue 36 - November 2012

Defence Turkey: Agilent Technologies’sole authorized distributor in Turkey, the Spark Group, opened its Spark Calibration Laboratory with a 2 million dollar infrastructure to provide the necessary technical services for advanced technology required projects such as the "national ship," "national tank" and "national satellite" on 23 November 2011. Could you please inform us your structure and activities of your laboratory in Ankara?

As a result of the fast growth of the electronic industry in Turkey, the technical infrastructure of maintenance, repair and calibration services has become inadequate to cover the needs in Turkey. This obliged Spark and the customers to be dependent on abroad in this field. This means briefly as follows; high cost spent on repair and calibration, long idle periods resulting from the logistic of the equipments to abroad. As Agilent Technologies, we have always targeted to contribute to Turkey as a priority. We are proud to provide the necessary methods and tools that will give support to Spark in this field in Turkey.