All Usage and Property Rights of “Hürkuş” Transferred to TAI

Issue 71 - November 2016

Following the successful accomplishment of the type certificates from the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and SHGM (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) according to the CS-23 requirements on 11 July 2016, the acceptance process of the aircrafts was completed in line with the program schedule within the scope of the Hürkuş Program initiated under the auspices of TAI and Undersecretariat for Defence Industries for the development of a training aircraft which will fulfill the demands of the Air Forces Command and become a brand in the world market. Upon the completion of the acceptance of the first prototype on 14 October 2016, the property and usage rights of the aircraft have been transferred to TAI. The acceptance process of the second aircraft is planned to be completed within December 2016.

Within the scope of the Hürkuş-B project signed in December 2013 and comprising the retrofit of the Hürkuş-A avionics in line with the updated training requirements of the Air Forces Command, the serial production of the aircrafts is being conducted at the serial production line at TAI facilities. The ground tests of the mass production aircrafts with electronic equipment are aimed to be launched in 2Q of 2017 and the maiden flight is expected to be accomplished in December 2017. The first mass production aircraft is planned to be delivered in June 2018, and the 15 aircrafts to be supplied within the scope of the contract will be delivered to the Turkish Air Forces Command following the prior delivery within the period of 12 months by July 2019 according to planned program schedule.