An Assessment on Turkish Defence Perspective and Industrial Improvements by Turkish Minister of Defence, Mr. İsmet Yılmaz

Mr. İsmet Yılmaz, Turkish Minister of Defence assessed the joint missions,

Issue 35

Defence Turkey: As the NATO member, Turkey has taken active roles in peace keeping operations and keeps on doing so in many regions such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Sudan, Lebanon and Gulf of Aden. What are the joint missions, trainings and cooperation activities of Turkey currently being performed with NATO?

Turkey has a long list of contributions to peace keeping operations conducted under the respective mandate and auspices of the UN, NATO, EU and the OSCE. They mark Turkey’s stabilizing role in a geographical scope well beyond its neighborhood, from Somalia to East Timor, from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Afghanistan. The total number of Turkish troops that has been assigned to such peace keeping operations is well over 10.000.