In this issue, We would like to give you a brief overview of the 1st AIR SUPPLY AND MAINTENANCE

Issue 7 - January 2008

Foundation of First Air Supply and
Maintenance Center (1st ASMC) laid
down to 1926s. Afterwards, till 1950s,
maintenance and repair related activities
were performed for propeller aircraft
such as Mosquite, Spitfires,
Moran, Heinkel, Smolik and Harvolt
which were available in Air Force
From that date, maintenance and
repair activities were performed for
fighter jets, and F-84, F-86 and F-100
till 1970.
In 1967, first jet engine overhaul was
accomplished and by means of this
activity some specific technical opportunities
and capabilities had been
gained. These years could be accepted
as progress periods for launching new
foundations in 1st ASMC center. In
1979, first comprehensive aircraft
depot level maintenance and overhaul
were performed on F-4, and then similar
capabilities were gained for other
aircraft in 1980s.
1st ASMC has been continuously developing
its capability and capacity in the
frame of those improvements with
reorganization and modernization
projects called as REMO-I and REMOII
projects and its considerable facilities,
structure and staff renewals.
Nowadays, 1st ASMC is an institution
which has an admiring place for reaching
to a self contained status of logistic
system, and making robust effort for
opening to external world and integrating
with outer world.
1st ASMC assuming technical management
responsibility of selected weapon
systems and equipment is implementing
depot level maintenance, repair,
retrofit, test and calibration processes
and also manufacturing required spare
parts for supporting and improving of
operations activity for logistic aspect.
In order to accomplish its mission and
responsibilities, the First Air Supply
and Maintenance Center has a man
power of personnel; engineers, technicians
and administrative personnel.
Facilities to carry out the mission are
located in an area of 6 million square
meters; 220,000 square meters of
which is covered area.
Technical capabilities of 1st
Mainly programmed depot level maintenance,
structural and avionics modernization
have been performed for F-
4, F-4/2020, F-5/2000, F-5, T-37, T-
38 and as a result of those kinds of
activities, aircraft service life can be
extended. An additional structural
maintenance is being performed for each F-16 through analyzing records of
CSFDR, installed in each F-16 for
determining loads each aircraft subjected
to. Thus aircraft can be monitored
individually. It also has capabilities
of software maintenance for core
avionics operational flight programs
and structural repairs.
Each aircraft stays a certain period of
time in our center for functional test,
structural inspection, repair and overhaul.
1st ASMC overhauls 300 engines such
as F110, J79, J85, J69, TYNE-MK-22,
T56, CT7, T700, GTC per a year. It also
has repair capability for 6217 different
Turbo fan, turbojet, turboprop, turboshaft
engines and gas turbine compressors
and starters including F-16
Jet Fuel Starters (JFS), Accessory
Drive Gear Boxes (ADG) and
Emergency Power Units (EPU) are
being overhauled in our center.
Furthermore, more than 250 engines
have been overhauled per a year.
Aircraft and engine accessories have
also been overhauled and functionally
tested by utilizing computerized test
benches. Spare parts especially belonging
to aircraft systems and different
type of ground support equipment are
being manufactured partially based to
Research and Development (R&D).
In the scope of system improving
processes, the modernization department
performs required improvement
and overhauling projects for developing
flight safety, economic usage and
operations for the fighter aircraft available
in its inventory.
Beginning with determining of the
needs and then designing of the system,
manufacturing of the prototype,
determining changes to be applied on
the aircraft and integration of them are
being performed for carrying out those
projects through aircraft, avionics,
software and flight test engineering
which conforms to AQAP-160 and
During integration of avionics/weapon
systems, developed by using latest
technology, to aircraft systems, monitoring
of those systems and improving
of flight operations software for using
them, 1st ASMC ‘s capabilities such as
specific flight test measuring design,
analysis of accumulated data, determining
the conformance between
design and product, carrying out structural
part stress and dynamic analysis,
and aircraft or external load aerodynamic
analysis are being successfully
Beginning with 2001, 1st ASMC is
implementing proudly system development
and fighter aircraft modernization
projects in addition to aforementioned
capabilities and existing
depot level maintenance processes.
In this scope, first national aircraft
modernization project aiming structural
and avionics overhaul of RF-4E
aircraft is launched. And, project management
processes are being accomplished
as main contractor by 1st
ASMC and subcontractors by ASELSAN
and MIKES.
For providing coefficient factor
before modernization of F-16 Block-40
aircraft, JSOW, JDAM and AIM-9X
integrations are performed through
Raytheon and Boeing support on related
to their ammunition.
An other specific software development
study is to improve an HSD sheet
capability for providing Situation
Awareness (SA) to pilots in operation
environment. And, to declare flight
tests completed and application to F-
4E/2020 aircraft executed is an honor
for 1st ASMC.
In the scope of R&D activities;
Latest technology and processes used
for overhauling jet engines are;- Codep-Codal Coating,
- ADH (Activated Diffusion Healing),
- Rubber Seal,
- Borazon Plating,
- Metal Spray Methods
• Flame,
• Plasma,
• Electrolytic plating processes.
- Cleaning Methods
• Mechanical,
• Chemical,
• F-ION (flouride ion cleaning)
- Metal Fastening Methods:
• Gas shielded arc welding,
• Plasma arc welding,
• Electric resistance,
• Electron beam,
• Dabber tig,
- Machining Methods:
• CNC technologies,
• 5 axial machining,
• Electro-chemical machining,
• Electro-chemical milling,
• Lapping,
• EDM.
- Non-destructive inspection methods
• X-ray,
• FPI (fluorescent penetrate
• MPI (magnetic particle inspection),
• Eddy current inspection.
The area of repairs cover;
Hydraulic and servo systems,
Electricity power systems,
Oil and fuel systems,
Brake and landing gears,
Pneumatic systems,
Oxygen converters, and
Cabin pressurizing units.
We have been overhauling and testing
more than 30,000 accessories per
a year.
A study for modernization of electronic
control systems of engine test cell,
which are available in Air Force
Command inventory, is being carried
out. And improving the hardware and
software by using the engine test cell
assigned as prototype for this application
is also being accomplished successfully
in our center.
In the avionics depot level maintenance
area, our product spectrum
Flight command and control systems,
Fire control systems,
Navigation and communication systems,
Aircraft engine electronics.
To support its aircraft and engine
repair shops besides the operational
bases for base level maintenance, 1st
ASMC manufactures the required
spare parts 1st ASMC’s manufacturing technologies
• Sheet metal bending/forming,
punch and welding,
• CNC 5 axial milling/4 axial horizontal–
vertical lathe, cylindrical
and surface milling (for structural
parts such as cap wing fold rib, T-
38 longeron, F-5/F4/F-16 spar,
• F-4 /F-5 /T-38 aluminum/steel
pipe, rubber and teflon hose manufacturing,
• EDM (Electro Discharge Machine),
• Honeycomb Material
Manufacturing (rudder, trailing
edge, leading edge),
• Part design through cad-cam system
(unigraphics) and manufacturing,
• Heat treatment processes (hardening,
solution treating, aging, normalizing),
• Coating (hard chrome, copper,
nickel, cadmium, phosphate, black
oxide, hard anodize, chromic/sulphuric
acid anodize, borazon plating
and chemical aging),
• CMM (Coordinate Measuring),
• Rubber depot repair.
Aircraft structural parts, combustion
chambers, tubes and products with different
configurations are some samples
for the parts manufactured by our
distinguished center.
In its manufacturing catalogue 1st
ASMC has more than 120,000 item
and manufactures around 400,000
spare parts per year.
To produce high quality product, 1st
ASMC has type ii-b precision measurement
equipment calibration laboratories
and in these laboratories, more
than 9,000 mechanical and electronical
measurement units are being calibrated
per a year.
1st ASMC has become the first institution
within Turkish Armed Forces that
received Nato AQAP-2110 and AQAP-
160 TSE-ISO-9001 and 14001 certifications.
Also, recently it has received
TÜRKAK and JAR-145 certifications to
handle civilian aircraft.
Its engine repair shop has general electric
company conformance certification
for engine parts repair processes
such as codep/codal coating, activated
diffusion healing, borazon plating and
fluoride ion cleaning.
In chemical, metallurgical and environmental
areas, test and analysis of
aircraft fluids (such as oil, fuel,
hydraulic, oxygen and nitrogen) which
have huge importance for flight safety,
elemental analysis of metal alloys, test
of chemical materials which have shelf
life and additionally quantifying tests
of special processes, metallurgical
inspections for revealing the reasons of
breaking the damaged parts, and as a
result of 1st ASMC’s environmental
sensitivity analysis of waste water,
chimney gas and outer noise measurements
are all being accomplished in
different departments of 1st ASMC. 1st
ASMC gives high quality service
through using them for resolving
arised/to be arised problems.
For F-16 aircraft, in the scope of
numerical video recording device integration
project laboratory, aircraft
ground, EMI/EMC and flight tests
were accomplished and prototype unit
were certified. Studies are being lasting
for serial phase application.
For giving service to domestic and foreign
industrial organizations on capabilities
of 1st ASMC has revolving fund
organization is being used. Depot level
maintenance implemented on TF33
engines belonging to NATO AWACS
through channel of TEI is an instance
such an incorporation.
1st ASMC has been contributing 261
million dollar to Turkey economy each
1st ASMC has been working as a world
challenging institution with its qualified
man power, technologic investments
and management system constituted
conforming to international
quality/environment system standards.