Anka Block-B System Acceptance Tests Accomplished

Tarih: Issue 71 - November 2016 Güncelleme: November 09, 2016

Within the scope of the contract signed between Undersecretary for Defense Industries (SSM) and TAI on 24th December 2004 regarding the 2nd Package Indigenous MALE Development Project, The Block-B system acceptances were accomplished under the supervision of the SSM acceptance committee between the 10th and 14th of October 2016 at Sivrihisar Air Base Command. 

With these acceptance tests, Turkey has taken part amongst the stakeholders that manufactures MALE class UAV Systems with national resources and fulfilling tasks in a wide operational range at medium altitude with long endurance. In addition, with the development of the aforementioned system, the integration of the SARPER payload system, having reconnaissance and surveillance capacities at night and day, under adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and foggy and even above clouds, was successfully completed for the Block-B.