Anova: A Solution Partner of Defence Industries

Issue 40 - February 2013

This year is Anova Engineering’s 10th anniversay year. Founded as a Computer Aided Engineering company in Istanbul, it now serves its clients in different industries including Defence & Aerospace, Automotive, White Goods and Turbomachinery industries with its offices at three major cities- Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir.

Anova has always been a reliable sub-contractor and partner to the Defence Industry since the day it was founded. Having taken assignments in many prestigious projects such as Aselsan’s TAKS, TAI’s ANKA and Hürkuş, FNSS’s SYHK, TUBITAK SAGE’s SOM, Anova has continuously extended its capabilities and grown in number of employees. Realizing the importance of low turnover rates, Anova tries to maintain its experienced workforce, which brought the honour of receiving 3 patents and completing successfully more than 150 projects. Apart from providing the design and engineering consultancy services, Anova was awarded by several well-known engineering analyses software firms like ANSYS, Ricardo, Concepts NREC and Flowmaster the title of the Turkish Channel Partner due to its success in software sales and quality of after-sales support. In addition, Anova is the only company so far being awarded with the "Exceptional Business Growth Achievement Award" by Fluent three times and "Territorial Channel Partner of the Year Award" by ANSYS twice in a row.