Antensan provides comprehensive services in the fields of communications

Antensan CES International is a leading worldwide, independent manufacturer and system supplier for infrastructure facilities and solutions in the fields of communications and energy systems. Antensan was inco

Issue 12 - October 2008

Antensan has highly qualified and experienced employees and, when required for larger projects, contracts additional installation teams and free-lancing specialists. Antensan experts and consultants are available to our customers for all kind of services required to achieve optimum solutions. Its design engineers develop all types of towers and masts, antenna systems and accessories perfectly suited to the customers requirements and local environmental conditions.
Antensan elaborate tailor-made solutions based on equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers. Antensan provides comprehensive services covering all aspects from feasibility studies right through to the final commissioning of systems. The company undertakes projects of all sizes in accordance with time planning and budgetary requirements of its customers, whether it is their subcontractor or turnkey supplier.
Antensan has successfully utilised extensive in-house full electromagnetic, structural and civil expertise, combined to a global manufacturing, installation and civils construction resource to provide a wholly turnkey projects to the military and civil industries worldwide.
Delicate and sophisticated systems are used in an ever increasing and demanding Satellite Communications Highway.
Antensan has an extensive range of Standard satellite designs available for Satellite systems with all the equipment supply such as support structures, antenna systems (uplink and downlink), turnkey satellite Networks for the fully completeness of the turnkey systems.
Antensan has successfully completed satellite Networks VSAT, broadcasting TVRO and military projects.
Antensan have been carrying out siginificant projects with Turkish Army.