Anymore, “Run Flat Systems” are Produced in Turkey

Tarih: Issue 61 - May 2015 Güncelleme: May 05, 2015

AKSA Run-Flat System has been established in Ankara(2011) with 100% Turkish capitalin line with the requirements of Turkey Defense Industry. Since its establishment,AKSA has designedand produced “Run-Flat System” for all kind of wheeled armoured vehicles. Apart from the defense industry, Run FlatSystem production is also performed for Police, Public(Ambulances, buses, and so on) and Private (VIP) vehicles by AKSA.In other words, there are a lot of different kind of Run Flat System and we can customize all products according to need of customers.

Supplying the Run-Flat Systemis not enough for AKSA. Determining the needs of customers together and providing easy and short time assemblying are other important issues. All needed tools and machines are also designed and produced for customers.Also, during procurement procedure and later, all technical support is provided for customersin a short time. Which means, AKSA is not just a Run Flat System supplier, it is a company works with customer from beginning to assemblying.