Armoured Amphibious Combat Earthmover (AACE)

Tarih: Issue 36 - November 2012

During the river passage operations to be performed by the Armed Forces, the riverbanks are not always available for the entry and exit of amphibious vehicles to/from the rivers or the available riverbanks can be disadvantageous for the military operations. Being flexible in the selection of amphibious operation area is critical for the increase of Armed Forces’ mobility and operation capability.

In order for the amphibious vehicles having launched down to the water, the riverbanks (their slope, width, soil hardness, surface flatness and etc.) should be made available for the capabilities of different vehicles. There are standard military work machines used for this purpose but since they fail to float, their most disadvantageous aspect is not being able to make the opposite shore available similarly. For this reason, the transportation of these vehicles to the opposite side of the river is a must. The transportation requirement reduces the flexibility and success of the operation and at the same time affects the duration of mobility. Another restriction for the utilization of such standard work machines is that the need for another transporting vehicle in order for them to be transported to the mobility area.