Aselsan’s Pedestal Mounted Igla exhibited in DSA

Pedestal Mounted Igla, exhibited in Aselsan stand in DSA 2008, was found the most attractive product by VIP delegations a

Issue 11 - June 2008

Aselsan has cooperated with Russia regarding launcher integration of Pedestal Mounted Igla which is once again designed and developed completely using its own engineering following the achievements taken in Pedestal Mounted Stinger System. Aselsan Pedestal Mounted Air Defence System solution is a fully automated short range air defence system, integrating various Electro-Optic sensors through a fire control computer. Aselsan PMADS increases the effectiveness of the VSHORAD missiles and can be easily installed on different platforms depending on the tactical requirements of the user. It was noted that PMI system has a significant potential in the Pacific Asia region.

12.7 mm Stabilized Machine Gun Platform System (STAMP) was presented in DSA 2008 to the participants and VIP delegations along with PMI System. It is designed against asymmetric threats for defence purposes. STAMP has various applications such as coastal and border defence plus defence of naval platforms. STAMP can operate day/night under adverse weather and terrain conditions, by use of its pedestal integrated Thermal Camera and TV Camera. Within the scope of Patrol & Anti-Submarine Warfare Ship (MILGEM) Project, Stamp will be used in MRTP class Fast Attack Craft developed by Yonca Onuk

AselFLIR-200 Airborne Thermal Imaging System which is offered to meet the requirement of Malaysia Naval Forces regarding Thermal Vision System and latest thermal weapon sights “Boa” and “Pyton” were displayed in Aselsan stand as well. Pyton and Boa are designed in consideration of the tactical requirements of modern armies. They provide the user with improved situational awareness, lethality and survival ability. Pyton Thermal Weapon sight is designed to be mounted on any type of infantry rifle while Boa Thermal weapon Sight is primarily designed to be used on sniper rifles, long range weapons and heavy machine guns. The ASELFLIR-200 Airborne Thermal Imaging System is a low-weight, multi-purpose, thermal imaging sensor for pilotage/navigation, surveillance, search-and-rescue, automatic tracking, target classification and targeting.