ASELSAN’s Show of Strength

ASELSAN presented its high technology solutions at IDEF-2009, 9th International Defense Industry Fair, which is the biggest defense industry fair at the region.

Issue 17 - June 2009

During IDEF-2009, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdo?an and Commander of the Turkish Armed Forces General ?lker Ba?bu?, Turkish Armed Forces command echelon and military officers, authorities from Ministry of Defense and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and foreign delegations visited ASELSAN’s stand.

ASELSAN, as the most important national source satisfying the domestic technology requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, continues its studies to increase its efficiency and market share in the international defense market. Accordingly, 52 foreign official delegations, 12 foreign ministers, 5 foreign deputy ministers, 3 foreign chiefs of staff gave visits to ASELSAN’s stand. In addition, during IDEF 2009, official meetings were held with 35 companies, 7 cooperation agreements were awarded between ASELSAN and related parties and signature ceremonies were realized.

ASELSAN took its place at 1800 sqm closed area downstairs and 295 sqm closed area upstairs within the scope of the Fair, which was realized at 22000 sqm exhibition area and by the participation of 464 companies from 45 countries. With the participation of ASELSAN, MIKES and ASELSANNet also took the opportunity to exhibit their products. With the largest participation in the Fair, ASELSAN exhibited its wide range of products from Aerial Defense Systems to Homeland Security, Communication Systems, Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems.

In addition to its promotion activities of new products and systems towards potential customers, ASELSAN not only made direct sales but also realized exportation including technology transfer and joint production studies to the armed forces of 35 countries such as Holland, USA, Chile and Uruguay.

ASELSAN exhibited KALKAN Air Defense Radar and ALPER Vessel LPI Radar, which took in part in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces. In the Fair, ASELSAN also exhibited the prototypes of Air Defense Missile and Artillery Systems Surveillance and Firing Control Radars, Coastal Surveillance Radar and Synthetic Aperture Radar, which are amongst its new radar systems under development. The Radar Electronic Attack System and M?LKAR-5T Back Type Jammer Systems developed by ASELSAN were also presented in IDEF-2009.

Advanced Tactical Area Communication System (TASMUS-G) and Software Defined Radios developed by ASELSAN, and Crypto and Information Security Products, Satellite Communication Systems, Professional Communication Products and Public Security Systems were exhibited in the Fair area.

Also, the wide range of new products such as Pedestal Mounted IGLA integrated on land platform, the exported Stabilized Artillery (STOP, Underwater Acoustic Systems, Unmanned Land Vehicles and Pedestal Mounted Stinger System (Naval Stinger) for sea platforms were presented to Turkish Armed Forces and allied country forces.

ASELFLIR-300T Airborne Thermal Imaging and Targeting System holding the Award for Outstanding Technology, Unique Mission Computer to be used at ATAK Helicopters, ASELPOD Targeting Pod and P?TON Thermal Weapon Sight amongst numerous ASELSAN products were also exhibited in IDEF 2009.