Aselsan Accomplishes Design Verification Phase of Mobile Search and Fire Control Radar

Tarih: Issue 58 - February 2015

Aselsan completed the design verification phase of the development of research and surveillance radars required by the mobile air defence weapon systems and the Mobile Search Radar and Fire Control Radar, the combat aircraft and helicopter tests, which were accomplished on 17-21 November 2014. These two radars tested following the Air Defence Radar “Kalkan”, were put into service in 2008 and have the first indigenous phased-arrayed antenna in Turkey. The developments of the two radars are of key importance in the air defence arena, including the accomplishment of missile guidance.

Mobile Search Radar (MSR) and Fire Control Radar (FCR) are developed for the Self-Propelled Barreled Low Altitude Air Defence Weapon System and Fire Control Equipment systems. Essential capabilities such as 3-D target acquisition, tracking, classification and high-accuracy target positioning were developed by Aselsan. FCR was designed specifically for tracked vehicle integration allowing for integrated guns to be directed to and locked on targets. The system is operable in motion and provides its user a range of 30 km at Ku-Band frequency. Fire Control Radar is to be applied initially to tracked vehicles and then will be used in Close-In Weapon Systems (CIWS) on naval platforms.