Aselsan, AeroVironment and Altoy Cooperating for the Security of Oil Pipelines

Tarih: Issue 56 - November 2014

Aselsan delivered the advanced technology sensor to be used in unmanned aerial systems observing the oil pipelines in Alaska to AeroVironment (AV Inc) Company. The ceremony for the delivery of the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system was held in AV Company’s Los Angeles facilities. Aselsan’s Chairman of the Board Dr. Hasan Canpolat and Altoy’s General Manager Mr. Halit Yılmaz and the Chairman of the Board of AV.Inc Mr.Tim Conver attended the ceremony. During the ceremony, the scope of “Memorandum of Understanding” signed by the two companies regarding the cooperation for civil and military avionics, electronics and electro-optical systems as well as sensors and communication systems was also extended. With the new agreement, the memorandum’s framework was altered in a way to cover security, energy systems, transportation systems and electric vehicles. 

Aselsan and AeroVironment will be cooperating on the sensors, electro-optical cameras, avionics systems and communication systems required for intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance purposes for the AV product Global Observer High Altitude Unmanned Aerial System with this extended memorandum. Moreover, the two companies will conduct joint studies regarding the advanced technology fuel systems to be used in transportation systems and electric vehicles that are currently being developed by Aselsan.