Aselsan and MKEK Team up to Develop 40mm Smart Ammunition

Tarih: Issue 76 - July 2017

Turkey’s two major defense industry companies, Aselsan and MKEK, are bringing a new dimension to their cooperation in the field of ammunition which started with the development of 35 mm Airburst Ammunition in 2010. The two companies will team up to develop a 40mm Grenade Launcher Ammunition.

The collaboration agreement was signed between the parties at IDEF 2017 fair. Following the development studies which are aimed to be completed in a short span of time, it is aimed to launch firing demonstration with the prototype was revealed by the parties.

40 mm Grenade Launcher Ammunition 

40mm Smart Ammunition will be used safely in all kinds of terrain conditions against threats, sight defilades and in trenches, and against undercover units inside buildings and caves. This technology, which is possessed by only a few countries in the world, is based upon the principle that the ammunition is precisely programmed for the time it explodes in the air while launching. Thanks to the explosion of the ammunition at the point of impact, the risk of collateral damage is minimized while the undercover threat is destroyed quickly. 40 mm Smart Ammunition is aimed to significantly enhance the effectiveness of the 40 mm grenade launchers that are in the inventory.