Aselsan and SSM Signed Contract for the Modernization of M60T Tanks

The contract comprising the modernization of the tanks was signed at the IDEF Fair between SSM and Aselsan in order to retrofit the M60T Main Battle Tanks against anti-tank missile and terrorist attacks

Issue 76 - July 2017

With the contract signed by Undersecretary for Defense Industries Prof. Ismail Demir and Aselsan President & CEO Dr. Faik Eken, the Main Battle Tanks are aimed to be effectively protected against anti-tank missiles and terrorist attacks. 

Addressing the attendees of the signature ceremony Prof. Ismail Demir said: “Today we will sign a contract with Aselsan for the modernization of the M60T tanks. As a result of the negotiations aftermath the Euphrates Shield Operation, significant development projects emerged. We had to take a solid step to immediately actualize these critical technologies with local sources. With the signatures signed today, our Main Battle Tanks will become more modern and powerful in the battlefield. While our Altay MBT program is being carried out, we also have some projects to upgrade the capabilities of our other Main Battle Tanks existing in our inventory, and we will also realize these projects in the course of time. We would like to finalize our studies without any delay and reinforce our Armed Forces with these tanks in the theatre. We thank those who contributed to such efforts.”

Aselsan President & CEO Dr. Faik Eken said: “We have analyzed the urgent needs and have well-organized to cater to the requirements of our Armed Forces. Our skilled staff determined the requirements immediately with the coordination of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, a sample system solution was set up, and successful results were achieved in the terrain. Today we are in the signature phase. I would like to thank the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries and Turkish Armed Forces officials for supporting us with this contract.”

Within the scope of the contract regarding the effective protection of M60T Main Battle Tanks against anti-tank missile and terrorist attacks as well as the improvement of existing systems by additional capabilities, the aim is to realize the integration of Laser Warning System, Remoted-Controlled Weapon System, Close-Range Surveillance System and Protection and Air Conditioning System on M60T Tanks.