Aselsan: Growing Potential In Naval Systems

Issue 45

 Aiming to provide self-sufficient industry in country to serve primarily Turkish Armed Forces modernization requirements, Aselsan, is growing continuously in the local and global markets. Today, Aselsan continues to be the top defence electronics company in country having high technology products portfolio introducing state-of-the-art equipment and systems solutions for both military and professional applications. Aselsan, also giving utmost importance to R&D activities by allocating remarkable amount of annual turn-over to gain technological know-how, has achieved capability to undertake large-scale system projects and developing sophisticated military products including their naval applications. 

Aselsan, achieving the capabilities in defence electronics, involved into naval domain by practicing existing technologies, quality and standards to meet necessary naval operational and environmental conditions for all its products. Aselsan has also involved system integration activities for its own equipments or other manufacturer’s equipments to form integrated systems for naval platforms. In recent shipbuilding and modernization programs, Aselsan has become main naval electronics system developer, provider and integration subcontractor for the shipyards concerning combat (or mission) systems.