ASELSAN, ranked amongst Top 100 defence industry company of the world, host

Issue 34

Aiming at an increased local contribution to its products, ASELSAN hosted the representatives of 30 sub-industry firms located at Ankara at Macunköy facilities. At the meeting, a briefing was given on the general evaluation of 2011 and programs for 2012 and afterwards. ASELSAN and sub-industry firms exchanged views on the ways how the processes are brought to more efficient state.

It was stated at the meeting that the business volume transferred to local sub-industry firms and subcontractors is increasing each year and this increase is expected to continue in the following years. The problems encountered during previous operations and solution suggestions were communicated and the recommendations of sub-industry firms for the improvement of procurement processes were discussed at the meeting.

A briefing was also given on the training, financial and technical supports provided by ASELSAN. It was affirmed at the meeting that such supports will continue increasingly. ASELSAN representatives emphasized that the sub-industry firms have taken a significant role in design and manufacturing processes and this kind of meetings will regularly be held in the forthcoming periods.

Business Volume of Nearly 600 SME’s is $ 750 Million

With its significant activities on the acquisition of strategic technology, ASELSAN is transferring business operable within the country to subcontractors rather than performing by itself. At the time when ASELSAN was founded, the sub-industry activities were limited only to an aluminum casting, today they cover advanced technology required activities. The business volume contracted out by ASELSAN to its subcontractors, including nearly 600 SME’s, is exceeding $ 750 Million.