Aselsan Opened the Gates to the Public Visitors

Aselsan welcomed citizens in commemoration of TSKGV’s 30th anniversary. Aselsan General Manager Dr. Faik Eken said, “We have more than 300 products, export to more than 60 countries. Our most important objective is to save our country from foreign dependency in the defense industry.”

Issue 78 - November 2017

Aselsan, one of the subsidiaries of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV), opened its doors to citizens on the 30th anniversary of its establishment. Within the scope of the public tour, Aselsan hosted about 300 people at its facilities.

At the Macunköy facilities visitors were welcomed by Aselsan officials. They were first informed about the institution’s activities and then Aselsan’s promotional film was shown. Later the production sites were toured by visitors. In the Hacim Kamoy Hall, visitors were informed about the systems and received replies to their inquiries regarding topics they were curious about.