Aselsan-PT.Len Partnership

Indonesia to buy new generation radios from Aselsan

Issue 45

One of the partnerships of Turkish and foreign firms at IDEF 13 was established between the Indonesian Pt.Len company and Aselsan of Turkey. As a result of 2-year long talks, Aselsan will be sharing the software defined tactical radio technology developed through national capabilities with the Pt.Len company operating associated with the Indonesian Ministry of Defence. This system developed by Turkey shall enable the communication systems of the Indonesian Armed Forces.  On the very first day of the fair, the two countries agreeing upon this strategic issue signed an agreement for the usage of the tactical communication and command control system by all Air, Land and Naval Forces of the Indonesian Armed Forces’ operational and command control applications. The financial aspect of this technology transfer agreement was announced as 3 million USD. Aselsan’s Vice President Faik Eken stated that this agreement constituted one of the main branches of Turkey’s relations with Indonesia.

According to the agreement, the infrastructure and manufacturing capacity required for the domestic production of the software defined tactical radios shall be established at the Pt.Len company with the support of Aselsan. Domestic manufacturing and logistical support of these radio systems shall be accomplished throughout the second phase that shall also be carried out with the training and equipment support provided by Aselsan. The financial aspect of the second phase activities that will be executed under the scope of a separate agreement is expected to reach to 50 million USD.